Christine Keeble and Simon de Lisle
The original Modern Jive DVD
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LeRoc, Ceroc, French Jive & Modern Jive links

How To Jive VHS & DVD


Beckman Visual Publishing (Distributor)


Christine Keeble (Producer)


The Firebirds (Music)




LeRoc French Jive Federation


Club listings & other services


Modern jive classes & events
National listing of modern jive news, classes & events


John Sweeney's list
Central England UK listing (includes many international links)


Lyndas List
Club listings for southern England


Dance step database
Directory of modern jive moves


Planet Jive
News and event information for all jive styles


International LeRoc & modern jive


Modern jive USA
Modern jive in the States


Le Step
Le StepBrisbane, Australia


Ceroc modern jive dance co
Ceroc in Australia


Ceroc Australia dance co
Ceroc in Australia


Dance books & magazines


Dance Books Ltd


Dancing Times
Dancing Times magazine (has extensive catalogue)


Dance News


Dance Expression


The Lindy Hop Shop


Dance Diary
Social dance magazine covering Ballroom, Latin, Jive, Lindy Hop, RnR, Salsa & Tango


Other swing & jive dance styles

Lindy Hop


The Jiving Lindy Hoppers


The London Swing Dance Society


Archive for Lindy Hoppers






USA Swing Dance Council


New York Swing Dance


US links for swing


US Swing Magazine


Who's Who in Swing (US)


Rock 'n' Roll, jive & the retro world


Blue Suede News magazine
Links to many R&R sites


Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly history


Ballroom jive


DanceSport UK
General ballroon dance information


Disco Fox, Disco & Hustle


Disco Fox (German site)






European R&R


Links for European r&r and Boogie Woogie


World R&R confederation


France - General partner dance


Dance listing


Other useful information



AMG All Music Guide


Guide to Jazz music


Map of jazz music


70's music


Dancers Network


Henry's Dance Hotlist


UK-Disco - Mobile Disco Directory


Dance organisations


United Kingdom Alliance of Teachers of Dancing (UKA)


International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA)


British Dance Council


International Dance Organisation


Modern Jive