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Jitterbug also began to be called "Jitterbug Jive" during World War Two, possibly because there were a lot of Mickey Mouse versions going around, so the word "Jive" was added in respect to its common American usage meaning a 'joke', a 'fake' or a 'put-on' - as in 'Don't jive me man!' meaning 'Don't kid me' or 'Stop fooling around'. Thus in both the US and the UK this was shortened to 'Jive', especially when describing the dancing of some young white kids who developed new enthusiasm for it after the war. After a while, though, Americans went back to using the words Jitterbug or Lindy Hop(especially on the East Coast). In Europe the word "Jive" remained and became the general descriptive word for all the styles of partner dancing that derived from (and including) the original Lindy Hop.

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