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The original Modern Jive DVD

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LeRoc teaching resources

The "How To Jive - LeRoc" video & DVD

This video can be used as a teaching tool and is also useful for boosting the confidence of your pupils, especially beginners.

It can be obtained at wholesale price for you to retail to your pupils from:

Beckmann Visual Publishing
Meadow Court
West Street
Isle of Man, IMB 1AE

Contact: Maggie Kent (
Telephone orders in the UK: 01624 816585
Telephone orders international: 00 44 1624 816585
Fax: 01624 818589 (or 00 44 1624 818589 for international)

LeRoc Modern Jive Federation Handbook

This comprehensive guide to teaching LeRoc has been produced by the LeRoc French Jive Federation. It contains detailed guidance for teaching practice and many of the steps.

This Manual is available to the Federation's members. For information on how to join please visit the LeRoc Modern Jive Federation website.

LeRoc Dance Manual

This manual was written by Michel Ange Lau. He choreographed for the original Ceroc cabaret team and co-founded the original Le Roc club, Leicester Square. Many people refer to him as the 'grand-daddy of LeRoc'.

For further information please write to:

Flat 3
Crossley Street
London, N7 8PD
Great Britain

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