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West Coast Swing

The Hustle gained a new lease of life in the guise of West Coast Swing. Enthusiasm for a "slotted dance" (which confines the Lindy style swing-out to a fixed area) had grown on the West Coast during the 1960's, and it really took shape in the 1970's, encouraged possibly by the popularity of the Hustle.

The man acts as a pivot for the girl who dances between opposite ends of the "slot" and who occasionally pauses at one end for the man to do his thing. It virtually took over the US swing dance world in the 1980's to the extent that the final disappearance of the Lindy began to be predicted - but then the Lindy acquired a new generation of fans in the 1990's. Needless to say, as the type of music danced to changed, so did the shape of the dance and two main West Coast Swing styles emerged: Classic and Funky/Contemporary. They are essentially the same - just danced to different music.

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