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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy the How to jive video?

The video can be obtained from the following sources

What is the difference between LeRoc and Ceroc?

There is no essential difference between LeRoc and Ceroc as a dance. Ceroc is an abbreviation for "C'est le roc". Le Roc is a generic name, and free for everybody to use, while Ceroc is a made up, trademarked name and is available to Ceroc Enterprises and its franchisees. Ceroc in Australia is trademarked separately.

Is the video compatible with Ceroc / MoJive and Le Step?

These three names are trademarked names owned by individual clubs and they describe the modern jive and a certain way of teaching it. Though the dance may vary slightly with the personal style of individual teachers, you will find the moves demonstrated on the video are core moves and are likely to be taught in these clubs.

Some of the moves are compatible with Salsa too. On the video the 'Flingy-Flung' is renamed the 'Wrapper'. Though teachers all like to think their pupils are their our own, in reality most of them try different venues and even different dance styles. So most pupils are used to encountering minor differences.

When you lived in the UK, why did you call your LeRoc club in Surrey 'The Hotfoot Club'?

I attended a Firewalk and was so thrilled to walk over red hot coals! The tingling sensation was very similar to the way your feet feel when you have been LeRocing all night long.

Do you regard yourself as a LeRocer or a Cerocer?

Both! Ceroc is now a commercial organisation and I am not involved in its management. But I was in the original Ceroc Cabaret team and - as a group of young visionaries and friends - we all worked very hard to make the dance as popular as it is today. The same goes for Le Roc. The original committee of 20 people who founded the Le Roc club at Leicester Square is now scattered around the globe but I cherish those friendships too.

Why did you change the music on your video from Jive Bunny to the Firebirds?

Jive Bunny is in the Guiness Book of Records for its extensive worldwide hits. Funding of the original version was conditional upon licensing its music. However, Jive Bunny's music was a medley of other people's and this had only been licensed for three years. When the license expired we chose the Firebirds - one of the best rock'n'roll bands in Europe - to produce a new version.

Why do you not talk much about footwork on the video?

By using a whole body approach the man learns to lead well. Learning intricate footwork is fine but then you have to find someone else who has been taught the same footwork (as with Lindy Hop). The whole point about LeRoc is that you should be able to go to any club or party and be able to lead a stranger who does not know the steps!

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