Christine Keeble and Simon de Lisle
The original Modern Jive DVD

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What 'How To Jive' the video / DVD shows

The video opens with a celebration of jive featuring:-

How to Jive - Video & DVD- The Lindy Hop
- European competition Rock'n'Roll
- 50's juke box cafe jive
- Ballroom Jive
- Hand Jive and LeRoc - modern jive.

Then 7 sets of LeRoc figures are carefully explained and shown in action. (Over 25 figures in all).

At the end of each set we show how to join up the moves and build them into a routine.

The fun party scenes between each set of moves give great ideas to create your own style. We picked dancers with a wide range of styles to show how versatile the dance can be.

You then see all 7 sets of moves joined together for an impressive complete routine.

The grand finale is an inspirational medley of "air steps" (acrobatic moves) to astound and amaze you.

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