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The original Modern Jive DVD

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Christine Keeble

Christine, producer of How To Jive, has lectured on LeRoc French Jive / Modern Jive at congress both for the United Kingdom Alliance of Dance Teachers and the International Dance Teachers Association. She has written numerous articles and made TV appearances and radio interviews to promote this modern style of jive. She is a founder member of The LeRoc French Jive Federation, which aims to promote excellence in LeRoc modern jive teaching. A member of the original Ceroc cabaret team (which promoted the dance and helped to make it popular) she also co-founded the original LeRoc club at Leicester Square. Together with Francesca MaCarthur, Trustee of the charity, Children Nationwide, she established a fund raising dance project, 'LeRoc Children Nationwide' for a new children's cancer ward at Birmingham Children's Hospital (now completed). Christine now lives with her family in Paris - home of le roc French jive!

Beckmann Visual Publishing

Beckmann offers a unique range of programmes featuring historic footage, classic events and performances and the widest range of experts and expertise available on screen.

The titles are available through Beckmann's website. They are also available through the major on-line video stores, including and as well as through the well-known high street video stores and many bookshops. Please use the code numbers and titles when requesting programmes.

  • How To Jive, the video has the catalogue number JVP001
  • How To Jive on DVD has the code number BDV033

The Firebirds

The FirebirdsHow To Jive features music by the Firebirds.

Formed in 1981 and one of Europe's finest Rock 'n' Roll bands, The Firebirds are Jim Plummer, John Plummer, Richie Lorriman and Jason Bryant. To find out more about the band, please visit their website.