Christine Keeble and Simon de Lisle
The original Modern Jive DVD

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"The video is easy to follow and excellent in quality. After learning the first two lessons you will I hope begin to rethink your teaching methods. Concentrate on the boy-girl relationship in the dance and less about chasse actions and then begin to relate to the man in the street and fill your jive classes."

Kenneth Lee. 'Dance Teacher' (Magazine of the International Dance Teachers Association)

"This is a very professionally produced video in every way. The dance instruction is most thorough and detailed, but the genuine party and social atmosphere, so essential to this style are never lost. I can thoroughly and unreservedly recommend this video..."

David Roberts, General Secretary of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance, Adjudicator at World & European Dance Championships.

"...The work will prove most useful to all, not only Pupils but Teachers will be able to use this knowledge to their advantage. I like the methods of showing the figures, and hope that all will understand that this is a dance form which must not be stifled, but allowed freedom of expression, without being bogged down with too much technique. Congratulations to all concerned, I know you will do well with this excellent work."

Eric Rowland. President of The Guild of Professional Teachers of Dancing. Vice President of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing. Fellow and Examiner U.K. A.P.T.D.

"…makes this exciting dance easy to learn, whether just for fun or to gain our qualification."

Michel Gay, co-founding Chairman of the Le Roc French Jive Federation

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