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The original Modern Jive DVD

Modern Jive - Learn to Swing Jive LeRoc

The place to come for information on LeRoc, Ceroc, French Jive or Modern Jive.

This partner dance is a style of Swing dancing or Jive dancing that is ideal for clubs and parties. It looks great to a wide variety of music (even current chart music) and is so easy to learn.

For beginners

If you are new to LeRoc, Ceroc or Modern Jive then come to our Introducing Partner Dancing page. Then become an 'instant expert' by dipping into our Guide to Swing dancing & Jive dancing styles.

For more advanced dancers

If you are already a keen dancer then become an 'afficionado' by heading for the Spotlight on LeRoc and Spotlight on Ceroc pages. This gives in-depth knowledge of how, why, when and who made it all happen - and explains why the same dance has several different names.

To understand how various jive styles emerged, check out the 20th Century Overview which pinpoints important events in music and dance evolution.

For teachers and club organisers

The For Modern Jive Teachers pages are there to help you improve your teaching and club services - with some useful information sources and ideas.

For everyone!

How To Jive - LeRoc Modern Jive was the first ever Modern Jive instructional video programme (now on DVD too). It played a significant part in spreading the dance across the globe. Over fifty dancers were involved in the project - many of them are big names in Lindy Hop, Swing, Jive and LeRoc Modern Jive.

Find out more in How To Jive - the movie.






NEW! From the makers of How To Jive, two DVDs for Beginner and Advanced Modern Jive

Modern Jive Beginners Modern Jive Advanced

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