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A uniquely British part of the international revival of interest in traditional (New Orleans) jazz music at the end of the 1940's and the beginning of the 1950's was "skip-jiving", which put a literally skipping version of New Orleans rhythm into basic Jitterbug patterns. It was obscured for a while during the middle-1950's by the rise of Rock'n'Roll Jitterbug-Jive but then came back in a big way as Rock'n'Roll faltered at the end of the 1950's. This return was tied closely to the rise of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament whose activities created many opportunities for "trad jazz" bands to play and thus opportunities to dance (also in the early 1960's). Some films were made which featured this dance, such as "Ring-a-Ding Rhythm", but the dancing was by studio hacks rather than experts. There are still regular "weekenders", where skip-jive enthusiasts get together to stomp to the original music.

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