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Introducing Jive dancing

LeRoc, Ceroc, Modern Jive and French Jive

What are you looking for?... is it something

  • wild and exciting...
  • you can do with a partner...
  • to your favourite music...
  • have a fun night out...
  • improve your fitness...
  • but have a relaxing time...
  • find it easy to learn - yet amaze all your friends...

You have found it at last!

It's Easy To Learn!

The basic steps are simple so you can be dancing three or four moves from your very first lesson. There are hundreds of different moves and you just keep adding them as you go along. It gets quite addictive!

In no time you'll develop your own unique style - because jive is not about rules but how you FEEL about the music.

Percussion Discussion - Dance To any Music!

If your favourite music has a strong beat you can dance LeRoc to it - and that includes: swing, rock`n`roll, disco, motown, country, house, blues, latin and just about anything in the charts at the moment. Some LeRoc clubs specialise in a particular style of music but many play a wide range. Its great musical flexibility makes LeRoc modern jive the take-anywhere dance.

A Fun Night Out

There are definitely no "wallflowers" at a LeRoc venue - and no need to bring a partner. At most classes your teacher will move people around so you will get to dance with plenty of partners.

The evening typically starts with a beginner's lesson. The teacher demonstrates part of a move and then you try it out. After changing partners the next part of the move is added and so on until you have completed a whole move. You will probably then try it to music. Gradually three or four moves build up into a mini routine so that, by the time the disco comes on, you can dance non-stop! At many clubs an intermediate class follows the beginner's. During the second class beginners sit and enjoy a drink and a chat. Then down go the lights and on comes the disco for the 'freestyle' dancing. This is when everyone tries out the moves they have learned in a relaxed party atmosphere.

Dress To Thrill?

No, LeRoc is thrilling enough so you can dress casual. There is plenty of spinning in LeRoc (for which trainers and platforms are useless) so wear shoes that allow you to turn and that do not fall off easily.

Finding a good class

Your first stop is the Internet. Listed on our links page are several directories. These will lead you to clubs as far afield as the US, Far East and Australia and New Zealand.

Parlez vous "jive talk"?

Actually GI's brought Swing to Europe during the second world war and the French put their own, chic spin to it during the disco era. But, as the British developed ever more moves for LeRoc, these were all given names to help identify them. You only need to know three or four to have a really good time but come back for more and you will raise the roof.

See if you can guess which of these is NOT the name of a Le roc move....

First Move, Figure of Eight, Yoyo, Swizzlestick, Backhander, Seducer, Tandem, Boomerang, Hatchback, Eggplant, Ginger Drop, Octopus, Comb, Sway, Croque Monsieur, Pretzel, Butterfly, Combine Harvester, Glider, Nosedive...
(see below for the answer)

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(answer: Eggplant and Croque Monsieur - though we are willing to be surprised by yet another innovation named after one of these!)

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